Momma, Put Down Your Phone


If you put down your phone and looked at me,

You’d see,

Two beautiful eyes looking up at you,

Full of the truest love you’ll ever know,

Waiting for you to look back at me.

If you put down your phone and talked to me,

You’d hear,

A beautiful voice that would serenade your heart,

Full of the purest joy you will ever experience,

Waiting for you to speak back to me.

If you put down your phone and played with me,

You’d discover,

A beautiful mind that craves to learn,

Full of a desire to search, discover, and imagine,

Waiting for you to acknowledge.

Momma if you put down that phone,

You’d see,

I am growing and changing and time is passing.

Nothing on your phone is funnier, more beautiful, or more loving than me.

So put it down and soak up what is key

To a truly lovely life with me.

(image credit: Michael Chamers,