Amature Hour at the Sewing Table


So as part of my personal journey towards living a simpler, kinder life, I decided I would like to take up sewing. Sew some baby clothes she said….. YIKES

To give you some context, I have NO background in sewing. I didn’t even own a sewing machine. Winding the thread is difficult. What’s a bobbin again? Ok, you get the idea….But I was (and still am) determined to learn. I think it is a great opportunity to pass down some handmade clothes to my daughter, reduce our waste as we downsize (as I am salvaging a lot of my old clothes – I am sure I will have another post about minimizing my closet), and save money. The local president of the quilter’s club in my home town, who I stumbled upon accidentally, graciously offered me here old sewing machine. I use the word “old” loosely here, as it is a VERY lovely sewing machine with all the bells and whistles and I am extremely grateful to her for it.

In the end, it took my grandma and I an hour and a call to the local sewing store to realize the foot that was on the machine was a quilting one, not some sort of fancy foot holder, that we needed to remove before changing the foot out. It may be too fancy of a machine for the both of us, but we aren’t giving up. I will share some patterns and ideas with you as we go along – and trust me, even if have never sewed a stitch in your life, if I can do it YOU can do it too. My first project is to make a onsie out of an old t-shirt of mine (thanks Pinterest). I will post photos and a how-to in a post to follow.

Wish us luck…..

Live well friends!


Live More, Spend Less

Sounds simple, right?

We hear it all the time – consumption, material goods, “things” = bad

                                         – experiences, relationships, “actions” = good

….. and the research backs it up.

But yet, most of us continue down the path of overspending to keep up with the Jones’, expecting at some point for it to result in blissful happiness. Why? I am not sure, I will leave it to the social psychologists to hypothesize and research (and hopefully help us better understand this drive for stuff that is so hard to kick…. pleeeeease help us Geoffry Miller!). For myself, my focus lies in how I can change this behavior and what the result will be.

So here’s what’s up with livewellspendless101 blog:

#1. Follow our family as we journey towards a minimalist lifestyle, freeing ourselves from debt, and living a wholesome, beautiful life.

#2. I am not here to tell you how to live. I am by no means an expert in the category of “life”… who is? I just thought maybe somewhere along our personal journey there would be some insight, discovery, and struggle that might be helpful to someone, somewhere.

#3. We have one life (no matter what you believe, this is all we know with absolute certainty). Why not live it filled with happiness and joy? That is our goal, in everything we do. That is the goal of this blog.

#4. Find your rhythm and dance, baby! Maybe you follow ten of our suggestions, maybe you follow one. Doesn’t matter. Find something that works for you and makes you happy and you will make it out there my friends.

Enjoy 🙂