Almost a month into our One Year Clutter Cleanse and I thought I would give you all an update. So far, here is what I have observed:

  1. We shop less. At first it was just to avoid the temptation of buying things we didn’t need, and risk breaking the rules of our cleanse. However- lately I noticed that I no longer crave the need to go out and shop. Even window shopping, we found we have no real use for and felt it has been a time waster. Instead, we walk around the neighborhood, take our daughter to the park, throw the ball to the dog at our local dog park, and generally ENGAGE more with our loved ones. I have had more coffee dates, skype chats, dinners, and gatherings with friends and family than I have in years and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!
  2. We cook more together. Every night this past week we have cooked delicious meals together and eaten at the kitchen table (for, I am pretty sure, one of the first times EVER in the ten years my husband and I have lived together – I am not even sure why we had one before). We spend our dinners talking, laughing, and discussing what to do with our new-found free time.
  3. We have come to enjoy doing nothing. Don’t misunderstand this, I don’t mean we sit at home and stare at the wall. I mean we don’t over-plan our days. We stay home more, cuddle on the couch, read books with our daughter, and just enjoy spending time together without the preoccupation of consumer stimuli. This is a big feat for us, my husband and I are very go,go,go personality types, and slowing down has been a challenge. I am the person that juggles a full time job with full time studies while training for a half marathon, as I had the mindset that it was best to cram as much “stuff” into as little amount of time as I could. That is how we become successful right? Maybe not. I am finding the more I slow down, the more I enjoy the things I do spend time on, and I do those things with more purpose and success. Ahh, what a joy it is just to breathe again.
  4. Our bank account is much healthier. Even splurging on two home-made steak dinners this month, I will be able to pay for almost all of my┬áhusband’s fall tuition in full, without it sitting on a credit card for months, building wasteful interest FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. This makes my heart incredibly happy.

My revelation: with less stuff, there is more space to fill with breathe, love, and laughter.


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